In the armpit there are eccrine and apocrine sweat glands as well as the hybrid type apoecrine sweat gland. The large amount of different types of sweat glands can result in higher sweat volume as well as more sweat odor.

The apocrine sweat glands produce a barely visible and slightly oily sweat, containing lots of energy that is consumed by the bacteria on the skin. It is the degradation products from this process that cause the characteristic, acrid sweat odor.

Sweat stains on cloths on the other hand, are primarily caused by the eccrine sweat glands, which produce a larger amount of sweat consisting mostly of water and saline. Since both the apocrine and apoecrine sweat glands are stimulated by sex hormones, problems with excessive underarm sweating often starts during the teenage years.

People suffering from excessive underarm sweating, axillary hyperhidrosis, tend to change their clothes often and choose clothes and colors carefully to minimize the visibility of sweat stains. White or black clothes are less revealing, as are big bulky sweaters. Unfortunately onset during the teenage years can also lead to avoidance of raising hand in class, due to fear of revealing sweat stains, impacting school results etc.

Dermix Absolute Dry Dab-on is great for treating excessive underarm sweat. The dab-on applicator is dabbed repeatedly against the skin, not drawn back and forth, allowing the proper amount of liquid to be applied. After applying the product on clean and completely dry skin before bed and washing the skin off in the morning, an aluminum free deodorant can be applied to give the preferred scent.