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Dermix Absolut Torr and Dermix Absolute Dry are registered trademarks owned by Navamedic ASA, a Norwegian pharmaceutical company working with products and services helping to promote the health and wellbeing of consumers and patients.

The vision of Navamedic – Proud contributor to public health

The Navamedic portfolio consists of prescription and OTC pharmaceuticals as well as other healthcare products registered as medical nutrition, medical devices, food supplements, food products, food for special medical purposes and cosmetics.

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Absolute Dry
Absolute Dry is an extra effective antiperspirant, preventing sweating and bad smell for up to 7 days. It can be used for all kinds of sweat, like underarms, hands and feet. Absolute Dry is recommended as first line treatment in hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating, but can be used by anyone looking for a unique, safe and reliable antiperspirant. Absolute Dry contains no perfume, color or preservatives.

Absolute Dry is safe and effective for up to 7 days and comes in 2 different formats.

Absolute Dry Dab-on
The original Absolute Dry! It has been available in the Swedish pharmacies since the mid-1980s. The Absolute Dry liquid is applied to the skin with a dab-o-matic applicator attached to the bottle.

Absolute Dry Wipes
Antiperspirant wet wipe! For larger skin areas, like back or chest, as well as hands and feet, the dab-on might be somewhat inconvenient to use. Instead you simly use a pre-soaked Absolute Dry wet wipe. The format is also very convenient for traveling.

Absolute Dry Roll-on
For the roll-on, the formula has been slightly adjusted, but the concentration is the same and so is the efficacy. For convenient application, for instance in armpits, it has a large roll-on ball.