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Absolute Dry - Extra Effective Antiperspirants

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Customer Reviews

“I give it a 5 out of 5 rating”

“I am very pleased with absolut torr, have used it in combination with my miradry treatment at, Absolut torr has worked superbly and been a fantastic complement for my hyperhidrosis. I give it a 5 out of 5 rating”

– Jorge, June 2021

“For me, it works great!”

“For me, it works great! Always used to have big sweat stains under my arms before I started to use Absolute Dry 😊! Have used it once peer week for several years now and dare not stop 🙈!”

– Lena, June 2021

“The best product”

“Hi, I am a loyal user of Absolute Dry since about 25 years and I have always been very pleased with the product. During the years I have also redcommended it to several friends. The best product.”

– Helen, April 2020

Absolute Dry Product Range

Dermix Absolute Dry Wipes

Absolute Dry Wipe, 10 pcs

Antiperspirant as a wet wipe! The same effective liquid but in a new convenient format. Absolute Dry wipes simplifies the application on for example hands, feet, back and chest area. Perfect also when traveling!

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Dermix Absolute Dry Dab-on

Absolute Dry Dab-on, 35 ml

The original Absolute Dry product, that has been available in Swedish pharmacies since the mid-eighties. Absolute Dry is applied to the skin, by a dabbing motion, using a dab-o-matic appicator.

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