Antiperspirant as a wet wipe! The same effective liquid but in a new convenient format. Absolute Dry wipes simplifies the application on for example hands, feet, back and chest area. Perfect also when traveling!

How to use wipes

  1. To optimize the effect and minimize the risk of skin irritation, it is crucial for the skin to be completly dry when applying Absolute Dry. Wash the skin and dry thoroughly with a towel. Let the skin air dry for a while. Use a hair dryer, with cool air, if needed.
  2. Apply  Absolute Dry on the skin, e.g. on your hands or feet, an hour or so before going to bed, and let dry.
  3. Wash the skin again inte the morning or take a shower. Absolute Dry will keep the skin dry and prevent sweating where applied for up to 7 days.