Absolute Dry cherish our users integrite. This Privacy Policy applies to all websites dedicated to Absolut Torr and Absolute Dry.
Any information that could directly or indirectly linked to a currently living individual is considered to be personal data as defined by law. This means for example that follows is to be regarded as personal data: name, address and telephone number.

Collection and processing of personal data

Any of collecting of personal data to Absolute Dry is always active. Active collection occurs when the user leaves details to us, or allow your membership or other organization (eg a company you subscribe to) that gives you the right to use Absolute Dry, permission to send information to the Absolute Dry.

Absolute Dry collects personal information including to communicate with and meet our commitments to the suppliers included in Absolute Drys and the organization you belong to that gives you the right to use Absolute Dry. We also use personal information for direct marketing purposes – but only for themselves.

We never collect such personal data that may be considered sensitive, such as social security numbers.

If you have questions concerning this Privacy Policy or the Absolute Dry processing of personal data, please contact Absolute Dry with contact information presented at Absolute Dry website. You can also contact Absolute Dry customer service if the customer data held about you is incorrect. You then have the right to have the information corrected.

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