Absolute Dry is made in Sweden and primarily sold in pharmacies. In the Nordic region, the brand name Absolut Torr is used.

For questions about Absolute Dry please contact your local market.

Brand owner and manufacturer

Navamedic ASA
Henrik Ibsensgate 100, 0255 Oslo

Please contact Navamedic AB, infose@navamedic.com if you are interested in distributing Absolute Dry.

To evaluate a potential distributor we need information about what country or region you are interested in, the existing line of business, financial situation, distribution channels, market knowledge and marketing plan relating to Absolute Dry.


Navamedic, info.fi@navamedic.com

Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro

Alcedrix ShPK, Zona Quender, Llam. 7, Lok. 3, 100 00 Pristhine, Kosovo, +383 49 754 060, www.alcedrix.com

Iraq, including Kurdistan

Active Shield, Goizha Ciyu Building, IQ-Sulaimaniyah