To a certain degree, sweaty palms is a good thing. It adds friction and gives better grip when we want to hold on to something. To serve that purpose we also have a lot of sweat glands in the skin of our palms and fingers. Just like for people with no sweat, excessive sweating on the other hand can make you loose your grip and drop things. So what is it like, living with palmar hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating of the hands or palms?

What most people think about and can relate to, when it comes to sweaty hands, is probably the embarrassment of shaking hands with someone sensing the sweat. However, excessive sweating can also be disabling in many ways. Holding papers, tools and instruments can be difficult, as can using touch screens etc., creating problems both in private and professional settings. Wintertime sweaty hands often means freezing hands.

Also children and adolescents can suffer from severe sweating of the hands and in addition to making them feel cold it can also make them socially withdrawn. Class mates might react when holding hands or the palms might leave revealing wet stains on the desk.

Dermix Absolute Dry Wipe is very convenient for treating sweaty hands. The wet wipe makes it easier to apply the product across the palm and fingers. Keep in mind that the skin on the palm of your hand is thicker than for example the skin in your armpit, which is extra challenging for an antiperspirant. As a result more frequent applications with Absolute Dry, than the normal once per week interval, might be required.