Like sweaty palms, sweaty feet serves a purpose of creating friction for gaining better grip. Walking barefoot, a light sweat will provide grip but too much sweat on the other hand will increase the risk of slipping.

People with very sweaty feet often avoid taking their shoes off in the company of others and in someone else’s home, due to the fear of wet stains on the floor as well as bad smell. Sweat odor can feel especially embarassing, since it is often associated with poor personal hygien.

During winter, sweaty feet can create a problem with cold feet, discomfort and even frostbite. When kids suffer from sweaty feet it can be especially tricky, since they can not always convey what is the problem and putting on extra warm socks and shoes will not solve the problem either.

Dermix Absolute Dry Wipe is very convenient to use when treating sweaty feet. The wet wipe itself makes application easier. Keep in mind that the skin on the palm of your hand is thicker than for example the skin in your armpit, which is extra challenging for an antiperspirant. As a result more frequent applications with Absolute Dry, than the normal once per week interval, might be required.