Those who suffer from generalized hyperhidrosis sweat on large areas of the body. It feels like the temperature control center is malfunctioning and the slightest stimuli, like heat or physical activity can trigger heavy sweating.

It might feel like you are sweating all across your body, but normally it is more pronounced in specific areas. Excessive sweating from the forehead, larger areas of your chest or back, buttocks and thighs are all common for generalized hyperhidrosis.

The condition often impacts how suffers plan and live their lives. It gets more important to set enough time aside to avoid stressful situations, getting worked up or having to run to catch the bus etc. Choosing clothes carefully, for instance dark colors, and bringing extra sets of cloths is routine. As is avoiding “unnecessary” heat, like warm showers leading to additional sweating afterwards.

If the generalized hyperhidrosis has a sudden onset, it might be secondary to a for example a medical condition or medication, which needs to be assessed by a knowledgeable physician.

The more local problems with excessive sweating can be treated with Dermix Absolute Dry, but in the case of generalized hyperhidrosis other treatments are also available, like botulinum toxin injections and anticholinergic medication.