Absolute Dry is an extra effective antiperspirant, preventing sweating where applied for up to till 7 days. It can be used against any type of sweat, like underarm, hands and feet. Absolute Dry was developed primarily for people suffering from hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating, but can of course be used by everyone looking for an extra effective antiperspirant with a unique long lasting effect.

The product is made in Sweden and has been sold in Swedish pharmacies since the mid eighties. The design has been updated but the product formula remains the same.

Absolute Dry contains aluminum chloride, like other antiperspirants but at a higher level. Instead of applying the product every day – or even several times per day in case you shower and reapply after physical activity etc., which is often the case when using regular antiperspirants, one application per week is normally enough. Needless to say, you can still shower etc. like you normally do during the week. If you wish Absolute Dry can be combined with a perfumed deodorant, since the product itself is without perfume.

Absolute Dry is free from perfume, colorants and preservatives.